Still Here

Sorry I didn't go on last night -- we were staying at some peoples house, and they didn't have wireless internet, so I couldn't connect...

We went to my old church today, because dad was preaching. Wow, that was awesome. Even though Alii and her family weren't there -- they're camping somewhere =(
But it was just SO awesome to be back in sucha comfortable, refreshing environment. Ya'll see (I love that American word!), this place is the country -- so fresher than the city where we live now!

Right now I'm at the house of my parents' best friends, and It's sooo much fun -- we just got here. What would I do without a laptop?!

So, I'll do another post soon -- =)


  1. Hey 3/\/\1|y,

    Oh, that must have been really annoying not to be able to see Alii.
    But, yeah, it must be pretty good going back there for a few days.
    Laptops are always handy!


  2. Yes, they are! Lol, what have you been doing?


  3. Hey, cool cat on the blog :D
    I went to church tonight, and am back here....just, well, thinking about a few -- actually, a LOT -- of things

  4. I love that cat on your blog. It is soooooo cute!!

  5. Thx, you girlz -- I thought it would be something different for my blog! =)


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