over-protective? YOUR parents?

Okay, maybe you think your parents are too over-protective or something. Maybe you feel like a loser among your friends, because you can't go out to see a movie with them, or your not allowed to go shopping without 'supervision'. Or maybe your friends' parents are the same. But what if your parents werethe other way around? If they let you do whatever you want? I found this passage in a Christy Miller book, and I wanted to post it;

Christy sat for a moment on the edge of Stephanie's bed after she hung up. She couldn't help feeling like a baby in this group where all of them were living on their own except Katie and her. Katie's parents not only let her go on this trip, but they also gave her a car with a full tank of gas and told her to have fun. Katie didn't have to check in eith them.

Christy felt fully aware of that ever-present invisible rope that connected her to her parents. The older she became, the more rope they let out and the more they encouraged her to go exploring on independent experiences, like this overnight trip to San Diego. Still, that invisible rope kept her anchored to them. In situations like this, when she had to check in with them, the rope seemed to pull awfully tight, right around her stomach.

Then she had a thought that was even more sobering. Really soon I'm going to be eighteen. I'll be in college, and living on my own like Stephanie. What will it feel like for that rope to be cut?

Christy decided to be grateful for the linkage while she had it. She felt secure, knowing that the invisible rope with her parents was intact and taut. It would be gone soon enough.

Katie doesn't seem to have any ropes attached to her, Christy thought. That must feel scary. Like you wouldn't know for sure if someone is going to be there to pull you in if you go to far.

Wow. Christy is so right -- it MUST be scary to be in Katie's postition. I mean, really -- just as Christy was thinking -- Like you wouldn't know for sure if someone is going to be there to pull you in if you go to far. That just really stuck out to me. But even if your parents are like Katie's -- there is still one person you can go to for help. And that is -- you guessed it -- God. But there was a reason God gave us parents -- to do exactly what Christy said. And more. They're here to love us, to teach us, and to be there to pull us in if we go to far. They're here because God chose Them to teach us about Him. Just, please, remember -- don't take your parents for granted. Because, seriously -- parents can be pretty awesome -- well, most of the time :P :)


  1. hey great devo, i know what you mean, everything thinks they need they're parents but we really need to have a look at how imature and young we are, and how we shouldn't take our parents for granted. Great job :)

  2. Yeah, your exactly right. Blogs are awesome, aren't they?!

  3. hi i read christy miller too! nicr blog!

  4. OH MY GOSH I LOOOOVE Christy Miller! I started reading them last summer and then I didn't for a while and I finished them a few months ago. Sometimes I KNOW what you are saying!! hahaha but I know that I can always trust my parents and that is a good thing :D Do you have facebook? If you do... do you want to add me?? ahah I think it would be really cool if we could get to know each other more :D

  5. Thats really true and I'm glad that you posted that I really like it!

  6. Hey, I'm totally gonna get a facebook account soon -- but you know, those 'over-protective parent' things -- mum and dad won't let me right now so I have to wait :S

    I'm glad so many of you girlz love the Christy Miller books, I mean THEY ROK!!!

  7. i agree. I cried so much on the last book of christy.....but i also learned lots of stuff too. Im amazed so many people have read them. anyways god bless

  8. I cried in the last one as well! I just thought it was the most romantic, FANTASTIC part at the end, it was beautiful!!!!


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