our trip

Well, girlz. We're back. It was the longest time of my life...

Getting up at 4:30am, I completed a final blog post, before our trip. Then, as everyone else got up, I made sure I had all my stuff, including my Christy Miller book, my bag, my blanket and my food.
We were a little late heading off, but we made it to the airport in time. Our stuff went through the machine, and we were all clear. Stepping into the area where you wait until it's time to board, we found some seats and sat down. 20 minutes later, it was time to board.

Making ourselves comfortable, Mum, Georgie and I settled into our seats on the plane. In the row ahead of is, Dad, my brother and my other younger sister did the same.

The trip to Sydney lasted only about an hour and a half. At 7:30am, we had arrived. We had planned to meet someone there, so while we waited for him, we had a snack. After eating, dad's mobile rang. The guy was here, and he was downstairs, in the luggage claim place, whatever it's called. So, we headed down there.

He lead us to a carpark, and there was...our new car! Well, actually -- our new second-hand car. But, it's really cool! After confirming the sale and stuff, we headed off.
As dad was attempting to leave the carpark, one of the sensor things went off, indicating that the boot was open. So, dad tried to open the boot with one of the buttons, while mum was standing by the boot, trying to yank it open. But -- that's not the funniest. Dad decided to try and open the boot manually, which meant he needed to get the keys out of the ignition. Well, that proved to be a more eventful task than he'd thought. He couldn't get them out! He pulled and pulled, but they wouldn't come out. Eventually they did, dad shut the boot, and headed out of the carpark.

Then, we drove. For an HOUR. But hey, I think we got the cheapest parking available in Sydney -- 5 hours for $10. Pretty good, hey? Lol :) So, we walked. And then, we could see the Sydney Opera House, and the Harbour Bridge. We took some photos, and then mum and everyone else was like ' Okay, let's keep going' and it's like What?! We're here, we saw it -- now we have to be right on top of it?! Well, apparently -- yeah. But, that's not all we did. We went on this boat, to this place called Manly. On that boat ride, there were these seats, (Well, duh!) and yeah. I got seasick, but I didn't throw up --eww. When we arrived in Manly it started raining. Earlier, in Sydney, it had been pretty cold.

Walking through the rain, we went to a cafe, and everyone got a drink. Well, except for me. Because, as we got off the ferry, I'd seen a Boost smoothie shop. And I LOVE those smoothies! At the cafe, while everyone was enjoying their drinks, they were watching the surfers. My back was too them, and I couldn't really be bothered turning around...so, after about 20 minutes of being bored, I remembered my Christy Miller book inside my bag. I was pretty proud of myself, finding something to do besides being bored. But, after about 4 minutes of reading, it was time to go. Although, mum and I didn't want to -- I wanted to stay and read my book. :P

A couple of hours later, I got my Boost smoothie. Mmmm! That was sooo yummy! Anyway, we boarded the ferry, and watched the rain outside. After 1/2 hour, we were back in Sydney, and it was raining. I was so cold! I had on a jacket, but come on -- it didn't keep me very warm!

So, through the rain we walked, up to the Opera House, throught these gardens that would eventually take us back to our new car. And, I got so wet. My favourite trackies got drenched up to my knee, and the water totally soaked my volley's through. Luckily, I'm one of those peoples who 'plans ahead' for things such as this. Well, sort of. I'd actually bought some warm leggings (not nice leggings, because I'd planned to wear them under my pants if I got cold, not intending for anyone to actually see them. But, it didn't exactly work according to plan.

After finally getting back to the car -- which, by the way -- we got to with perfect timing ( we had one minute until our parking time expired!) I put my leggings on, took off my shoes...we started driving. This, we knew, was not going to be a nice drive home. That's right -- drive home. 10 hours...

We came to a McDonalds, and, even though McDonalds is really, like bad for you, we were starving. Now, knowing what I looked like, I wanted to go through drive thru. But we all needed to go to the toilet as well, so we had to go in. Now, I don't know about you, but leggings without shorts or a skirt or something over don't look that great. So, taking off my jacket, putting on my sister Chloe's longish black one, which was, btw, not very long on me -- but it was long enough. I put on my wet volley's (without socks) and pulled up my leggings so that they looked like the were the type that go a bit below your knee, instead of right to my ankles. Let me tell you, in that Maccas -- quite a few people stared at me, probably wondering WHY I would wear such a weird outfit. But, this might sound weird -- I was starting to like this outfit! Lol!

Let me tell you, this had been the LONGEST DAY OF MY ENTIRE LIFE. But it wasn't even over. It was 7:30, 12 hours after we'd landed in Sydney. And we'd only been driving for 2 or 3 hours...time went by.
9:30pm, 10:30pm, 11.00pm. I hadn't slept since...well, it seemed like forever!

Mum and dad had been alternating who drove, and, exhausted, dad pulled the car. Into one of those places where trucks rest. Oh, that brings me to something else -- trucks. They are so annoying! Really -- they think they own the road! But anyway -- when we'd stopped, I fell asleep for the first time in ages. I'd been awake for 20-something hours :S

I woke up. We must be nearly there by now! I thought to myself. We were still parked. But that wasn't the worst. It was only 11:30am!! This was, truly -- the longest night of my life. That doesn't mean it was all bad, though -- there were some hilarious times! Like the one where dad couldn't get the keys out of the ignition, and more -- like these two.

So, it was 11:30, and we were all awake, but we needed Nathan (my brother) to wake up, and put his seatbelt on. Well, he was asleep, and he was sort of mumbling in reply when mum and dad were sort of 'talking' to him. Chloe decided to help him, so she got up, and tried to put the seatbelt on him. But, he got really mad at her, yelling and stuff, probably because he was really tired. Okaaay. That does so not sound funny. But I guess it was one of those things you have to be there to see how funny it was. I mean, I couldn't stop laughing! Lol :P

And another funny story --

We were at a petrol station, and dad had gotten out to fill up the car. After about two minutes, we could this sound, and we realized dad couldn't get the petrol pump, whatever it is -- inside the car! I thought it was hilarious!
He laughed about it afterwards, but he was...kind of annoyed at the time. :P:)

Anyway, I guess sometime after 3:00am, I drifted in and out of sleep. In fact, I remember it all like a dream. We went to the airport, and picked up our other car, the one we used to get to the airport. Dad drove that home, and we drove the new one. It was 5:00am by the time we got home. I was SO glad to get into my bed, and go to sleep! It felt like I'd been away from home for ages, and it was so good to be back.
This morning, I woke up at 10:00am, and started writing this post. It's now 11:30am...I missed you all!


  1. Emily,

    Before I start, this is random, but I'm listen to "wait for me" on your music thing -- I LOVE that song, it's THE best, don't you think!?

    Anyways, Whoa, that sounds like THE BEST trip ever -- not including my "going to America" trip - lol, I should post a post on that sometime! Anyways, I'm glad you had fun, and I'm SO glad your back! But it went fast (for me) and all of a sudden your hear, posting! You went to Sydney? Isn't it sooooo cool? What does the new car look like? Could you post a photo of it? Hey, you have three siblings - but I feel sorry for Nathan, the only boy. Anyways, gr8t 2 have ya back -- missed ya!


  2. BTW, um, how do you do that "I never knew" and "bible verse of the week" and the "IN the kitchen" stuff"?

  3. That trip sounded sooooooo cool! To tell the truth, I've always wanted to go to Sydney. :) Sounds like you had fun! And BTW, I like the first funny story! :)

    Abbie =D

  4. Hey Libby, you should totally do a post about your American Trip!!! I'd love to read it...
    Yes --'Wait for Me' IS a cool song! Sure, I'll post a picture of the new car sometime.
    Ahh, lol -- my brother survives :P
    What do you mean about the 'I Nver Knew' and all that stuff? Lol, all I do is find out something I never knew, a recipe and a Bible verse. Easy as that :)

    Hey Abbie,

    I'm gald you liked the story :):P Yes -- I had heaps of fun, even though it was really wet -- but remember how I mentioned I had a blanket? Well, I was really warm, but no-one else had thought that far ahead!

    It's awesome to be back!

    xox emily

  5. Wow that sounded like a really awesome trip! I'm glad you had alot of fun, and from what I read I'm sure you had alot of fun!

  6. Yes, it was awesome!!!! Thx for commenting =)

  7. No, I mean, like, how do u put those things on your blog (the "i never knew" stuff and ya)

  8. You just go to layout, click on the side-bar, choose 'text' and type.

  9. Lol. It sounds like you had a great time...most of the time anyway.

  10. Yeah -- MOST of the time! :)


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