Ok, girlz -- before I start on this post, I'd just like to say -- thx to all you girlz, who prayed for me and my family while we away, and also -- for praying that I'll see Ally. Because, guess what-- she and her family had been camping for like, 2 weeks, and so I found that out when we got to the place we used to live. So, I'm like disapointed, sure. But I live. But today, guess what -- she came back, and we got to hang out. Awesome!

Anyway...on the three hour drive back to our home, which we drove tonight, I decided to do something that had actually never occured to me before -- instead of being bored, I decided to talk to God. I know, sounds pretty normal, right? But really -- it has seriously not occured to me to do that before. So I did. And, looking out the car window, at the night sky, with all the stars -- I sung the lines over and over -- My redeemer lives. You know, the song that goes 'my reseemer lives, dadada, my redeemer lives, dadada. Yeah, that one. I stared at God's creation, repeating that same line over and over.

The last two or three days, I re-read the 'Nama Beach high books, by Nancy Rue. The main character, Laura Duffy -- is so amazing. I won't give anything away, but what Duffy, as her friends call her -- what happens to her, is that when God is telling her to do something, or telling her something -- she hears a whisper, or she feels this silk rope, pulling her, telling her what God wants her to do. Pretty awesome, huh? Well, that's what I want. I want a really great realationship with God, just like Laura did. And I'm going to focus my life completely on God, telling Him everything...

Oh, and girlz -- what do you think of this this idea? For our devotion times, we could do it on the 'Nama Beach High books. Please comment if you think this is a good idea, because there is so much we can get out of these books, stuff I can only begin to understand if I was doing it with friends, like you girlz.

I'll be praying for each of you,



  1. Emily,
    Great post, thanks for posting it. I like that idea, and think it's pretty cool - although, where do I get the 'Nama Beach High books?

  2. Well, I got mine off Koorong.com.au (that's an australian site)

    But you should be able to find them in any Christian bookshop =)

  3. oh okay, yeah I know about Koorong...but I looked in a Christian bookstore and i didn't find anything.

  4. I like your blog!

  5. Hey, thx anonymous. Are you allowed to make your own blog?

    Elizabeth -- the books are really cheap at koorong.com.au -- under $10 each!

  6. Your welcome! I am not sure if I can get a blog, I really want one though!!! I will let you know soon if I can get one.

  7. Unfortunately I can't get one, but I still love reading them! Thanks for your comments!

  8. For some reason I can't comment on your '3 Days??' post, so I will put my comment here. I think that you count Friday, Saturday, Sunday. I was wondering that too, but just figured it out. Hope it helps!

  9. Lol, cool thx! =) I had the same problem commenting, not sure why...oh well =)

    Too bad you can't get a blog...maybe another time you'll be able to =)

  10. Yeah, oh well!

    Yeah, but I enjoy reading them though.

    I like your blog.

  11. Hey, thanks. And I really love reading the comments that you and the other girlz leave me =)


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