joke :P

Hey, girlz. I was reading Abbie's joke of the week, and I decided to share a joke that I read once.

There were to young boys, one called Shut Up and the other called Trouble.

One day, the boys were in town. They got separated, and Shut Up decided to ask a policeman for help. "What's your name, boy?" the officer asked him. "Shut Up" the boy replied. The police officer was annoyed, "Are you looking for trouble?"
"Yes, Sir."

Lol, I thought that it was funnier when I was younger, anyway :P Enjoy =)


  1. Whoa! That's a total flashback there. I totally remember that joke and I thought it was a lot funnier when I was younger too. What happened to good jokes like these anyways?

  2. I remember that one...and I thought it was lots funnier too, now it's kinda "ha-ha, not" kinda thing, but it's giving me old memories! BTW, I have a joke I'd like to share, so i'm going to do that now!

  3. BTW, on that "You favorite artist" thing, none of 'em are favorites, so I don't think I'll vote (maybe say "other" at the bottom or something), just lettin' you know, for some odd reason -- lol!

    Bless ya

  4. Elizabrth -- I was thinking yesterday of Libby as a nickname, after reading a book in the Elizabeth Gail series -- have you read that?
    I changed the poll, thanks for letting me know about 'other' lol :P

    I know, that joke does bring back memories...sigh :P

  5. That's cool -- lol!

    BTW, what's happening with the devotional stuff? I really want to start that!


  6. btw, you said "a diff one -- comment what it is, so i can include it in a diff poll some time =)" on a poll, so here's my fav:

    Not incuding my family I like these people/artists:

    -Casting Crowns
    -Josh Groban
    -News Boys (well, they're OKAY)
    -Chris Tomlin's okay too I guess
    -Bethany Dillon isn't too bad

    but i LUV<3 all the songs on Fireproof (the movie), but I don't know who they're from, well one song is from Casting Crowns...but yeah.


    p.s. btw, thanks for posting something everyday (very often anyway) -- I really like that =)

  7. Ok, thx -- I'll remember that. Now, about the devotion -- I can't wait to start either -- we just need to get a devotions book...so, suggestions please!

  8. that is really funny! i love your blog!

  9. Good one, emily! KATAW!

    BTW, Libby, I think that one of the songs on Fireproof was by Third Day, but I'm not sure. Have you heard of them before? Just wondering.

  10. I never heard about that joke but that now I like it !

  11. Hey, lol -- glad you enjoyed it :P

    And Karimi -- thx for commenting :)Same with you, Lily. Hope you girlz keep coming, because pretty soon we're going to be having a devotional study, so...yeah =)

  12. Lol :) It's great to have you back!


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