Okay, I wanted to do a diff post, but I have to go to school soon. So I thought I'd just do a short one this morining.

We all go to school in some form. Maybe you do homeschool. Maybe you go to a private or a public school. Primary school, or high school. Anyway, so we all go to school. BUT -- what are you allowed/not allowed to talk about at school? Are you allowed to talk about God? If your not, how come? There is a book that fits exactly into this topic -- 'Nama Beach High, book 4 -- by Nancy Rue. It wasn't a small passage, like the Christy Miller series, so I couldn't post it :)

xox emily


  1. I go to a private Christian school so basically we can't swear or talk about inappropriate stuff. BTW, I like that widget that you made that says: Welcome to Girlz 4 God. It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cool!!!

  2. Yeah, that's GIRLZ 4 GOD thing it awesome too!
    well, being home schooled, i can talk about god -- and btw, in america, i had a really good friend who was singing (well, not really but kinda) on the playground at school, and a kid dobbed her in for singing "religous" music (she's a christian -- but lives with her aunt, she has gone through such bad stuff with her real parents and real siblings!) she got in trouble...and she like never sings anymore -- please pray for her!
    <3 (luvheart)

  3. I feel really bad for your friend, Libby! I will definately pray for her. Could you please tell me her name so that I know who I am praying for? I think that you should tell your friend to consider starting a blog so that she can express her thoughts during this tough time.

  4. I go to a public school and we have this thing every year where all the Christians meet at the flag pole one morning and pray and sing and stuff. It's called See You At The Pole. I usually get to school late, so I haven't been able to participate in it. A lot of the books, I have read in high school have had a lot of religious symbolism. An English teacher at my school is actually a pastor of a church that meets at one of the elementary schools in town every week.

    I think a lot of kids I go to school with go to church. We're not a very diverse community. I think we're allowed to talk about God as much as we want in my school.

  5. I go to a private school, It's a Christiian school, but their are so many different religions there, but in devotions and bible and stuff, it's Christian stuff.


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