the dust beneath his feet

"Isn't it beautiful?" Todd looked up at the awakening sky. He pointed to a trail of puffy white clouds stomping across the seamless blue. "The clouds are the dust beneath His feet."
Christy smiled at Todd's poetic flair. He looked like a monk with the hood covering his head. "Did you just make that up?"
"No," Todd confessed. "An old testament prophet did. Nahum, to be exact. I always think of that verse when I see clouds that look like God just went for a morning stroll across the face of the earth."

That was another passage from the Christy Miller series.
Doesn't it sound beautiful? The Dust Beneath His Feet. If you want to find it in your Bible, it's Nahum 1:3


  1. hmm, i didn't know there was a book called: Nahum!

  2. Neither did I...is there?! That's just what the internet said when I looked up 'the dust beneath his feet'....!!!

  3. Actually, I just looked up the contents page in my bible, and yes, there is a book called Naham. I guess it's just one of those books kno-one knows is there...

  4. Thats a really nice passage from the book. And I never knew that there is a book called Naham in the Bible! Atleast now I know!!

  5. yer ive read nahum but i dont remember reading that part, but it still pretty cool anyway.


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