Differences may occur, but one thing will never change.

Ok, everyone is different, right? But sometimes there are bigger differences than those normal every day ones. Differences like --- being deaf, being blind, being mute. Imagine, if you couldn't hear, or couldn't see, or couldn't speak. Imagine if you could no longer read your favourite book, or listen to your favovurite song, or have long talk with your best friends...

If you were deaf -- you would still be able to read your favourite book.

If you were blind, you'd still be able to listen to your favourite music.

If you couldn't talk, you could still text your friends on your mobile...

But you wouldn't be able to do all of these things. Only one. Wouldn't life be so different? I mean really -- things change all the time. But how would you cope with something so drastic as losing your hearing, or a friend going blind?! It just seems...unreal. Change is part of life, though.

Or maybe...

Your friends parents get dicorced, even though when you were younger, they seemed almost as good as your own parents.

Your best friend dyes her gorgeous dark brown hair blonde, to look like those popular girls -- and it just looks fake -- her trying to be something she isn't.

Your family decides to move -- you'll have to leave your best friends...

Homework -- in primary school, you had next to no homework. Now your in high school...

Or maybe...

There is a fire -- and someone you loved, or yourself -- had their house burn down.

Someone you loved died.

You have a fight with one of your friends, and it just doesn't seem to work between the two of you anymore...

But still -- one thing will never, ever change. And that is --God loves us. And he always will. He will never leave us, even when we turn away -- he will still be right beside us, waiting for you. He will never leave us, never run ahead. Our jouney with God? We walk it with him, every step of the way.


  1. One of the hard changes in my life,recently, was that my great grandfather (who's in his 80s) is starting to have signs of dimensia which is confusion and forgetfulness. It's very sad to see him like this. But, you are right God's love for us will never change.
    KUTGW,(Keep Up The Good Work)

  2. I will be praying for you -- It would make me so sad to see my own grandfather like that...

  3. Thank you so much. It always makes me feel better when someone is praying for my family.

  4. Chelsea, that must be really hard. :(, I'll be praying for you too.
    I've gone through most of those things that you talked about, Emily. I've had to leave my friends (to go to USA), and now I have to miss my USA friends!! And i've had a few luv ones...well, leave earth last year. i've had that last one you said, with the friends and stuff. and also, one of my friends is trying to fit it by changing her looks, and it really upsets me, she's just not herself anymore. thanks for the post. and thanks for doing them so often, they are so encouraging!
    KUTGW! (you don't mind if i copy sometimes Chea, do you?)

  5. Thanks for your prayers, Htebazile. It means a lot to me. Please continue to pray for my great grandfather because he is in the hospital right now just so the doctors can check him out. He is really confused right now and thinks that the doctor is going to give him this fatal injection that will kill him. If he gets better, though, he will be released in about 4 days. Keep praying!!! BTW, you can copy KUTGW if you want Htebazile. I don't mind.


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