People are always making promises that they never carry out - sometimes never intending to in the first place. You tell your BFFL who you like, and she promises not to tell anyone - and then she goes and blabs it to the entire 7th grade. Or maybe your parents promised they'd take you out for the day, and then something comes up - and they can't. It happens every day. People making promises they can't keep. But there is someone out there who CAN keep a promise - no matter what it is.

And that 'someone' is God. If God makes a promise, he never, ever breaks it - he always comes through, even if it takes him thousands of years.

That's why, even though Australia is in drought, I have great faith in God that we won't die, that we'll make it through - because of a promise God made:

12 The LORD will open the heavens, the storehouse of his bounty,
to send rain on your land in season
and to bless all the work of your hands. You will lend to many nations but will borrow from none.

It says here that God promises to send rain in it's season. And he always does. In fact, he sent us rain last Winter, but do you know what happened? The farmers complained that he sent it at the wrong time - that there crops were ruined now, God was too slow. To me, that's just wrong. God sent the rain, why are they complaining?!

What I'm saying here, is that we can trust God with ANYTHING. He really is our full-time BFFL. He will never, EVER leave us. Even if we strayed about from him for a little while, God would never, EVER leave us. Forever.


  1. What a good post! =D Keep on writing! By the way have you ever seen a platypus?? Just curious!

    Abbie :)

  2. Hey emily,
    You are totally right! God always keeps his promises even when everyone else seems to betray you. Truthfully, emily, I think you have a gift from God with teaching others through your blog. Keep up the excellent work!!!

  3. This is an amazing post! And so truee!! We didn't have ANY rain here in San Antonio (texas) for a while, but recently God sent a lot of rain after lots of prayer.


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