hip hip HOORAY!

Finally. It's my birthday! I'm now officially 13 years old.

It's only 10:55 am, which means there's plently of day left. And I got a day off school!

Here's what I got:

A laptop - YAY! That was my big present - probably the biggest I'll get in a long time.

Some clothes - Every girl needs new clothes!

A Candy Grabber - You know those games at the shops where you direct the claw to the chocolates? Well, I got a miniature one of them! It's so cool! (It didn't cost much - I'm not spoiled.)

Jewellery and Sunnies - Awesome.

So far, I'm having a great day! Last night, I went to my aunties, and my cousins, grandparents, and great-grandparents were there. It was so much fun =)

I can't thank God enough for the most wonderful family he has blessed me with. He Rokz. Forever.


  1. Wow!! It sounds like you're having a great birthday. I hope that God blesses you with a great 13th birthday and with many many more years to come. Happy Birthday,emily!!!:)

  2. Hey, Happy Birthday Emily!!! Sounds like your having a good one! =D That Candy Grabber sounds very cool! Have fun!!


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