It's almost Easter - and we know what the means. Chocolate! Easter eggs! Easter bunnies!

And we also know that it's not about getting chocolate - it's about Jesus, and how he died for our sins...

When someone asks us the question ' Why do we celebrate Easter?' we say 'Because Jesus died on the cross for our sins' or some variation of that. But really - do you actually even THINK about that seriously? (Aside from in church, or when your family is talking about it)

Even if you already do think about that, remember that's it's the whole purpose of Easter - and so I challenge all of us to make Easter a day devoted to Jesus Christ, our Saviour.

Read the Easter story, even if you've heard it a 1,000 times already. Read it slowly and carefully, so that you actually understand the meaning of the story. Talk to Him about it. If you love to write, using your diary/Journal - write about what the Easter story means to you. If you love to draw, draw what the Easter story means to you. And if you love to sing or play an instrument, write or compose a song about what the Easter story means to you. You get what I mean...

Pray to Jesus, thanking Him for dying for our sins - because of that, our lifes have hope. After we die, we're going to Heaven, because if you're a believer in Christ, that he died for our sins, and you decide to live your life for him - that's what happens. All because of what took place in the Easter story. All of that horrible stuff Jesus Christ went through, all for us - sinners. Jesus, the perfect man - died for sinners. But because he died, we can be forgiven. And given Eternal Life. Is that something to thank Him for, or what?! I'll say!


  1. That is so very true, Emily. We wouldn't be here without Easter because of what Jesus did, and alot of us still use it as an excuse to eat chocolate! :P You know. today I was thinking that I'm so glad that there is a point to this life and that if we believe in Jesus we will live eternally with Him. And I'm also glad that there is a point to living on Earth - doing what Jesus wants. Keep writing! I love your blog!!

    Abbie =D

  2. That's so true.

    I was watching TV yesterday with my mom, and we were just flipping through channels looking through something to watch, and we came to one of our Christian channels, and it was a scene with Jesus, the thief (I think it was a thief)and the other guy, dying on a cross, covered in blood, and of course, Jesus had a crown of thorns. There was a crowd of people in front of them, a few soldiers. I was almost crying, I just couldn't get it out, I don't know why. It hurt me so much to see Him suffer like that, it was like seeing a best friend being killed...it was seeing a best friend being killed. and SUFFERING. Those soldiers stuck a sphere through Jesus' side even though He was already dead. And I am amazed. Jesus could have just stopped it all, but He chose to save us...when He could have saved himself. I am not half as thankful for Him as I should be. He died for us selfish sinners who think about what He did for us hardly at all. Yet, on Easter all we can think about is candy and bright pastel colors and bunny rabbits.

    Maybe this doesn't have anything to do with the post besides it all happening on Easter, but I thought I should share it.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing...Easter makes us realize how much we really do take the fact that we are going to have eternal life for granted.

  4. Thanks for that blog Emily. I came here on you web because you said you had one of these o Nancy Rue's website, so I thought I'd check it out. and now i have one of these of my own! anyway, it was great sharing your easter thing, and i really good idea seeing that it's coming up!
    i hope you have a very good easter.


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