Christy Miller and Sierra Jenson

Has anyone read either of these series? They are both really good! You can get them at an online Christian book store, or at a Christian bookstore anywhere...

If you plan on reading them, I reccomend starting with the Christy Miller series first - because the Sierra Jenson series sort of continues on from the end of the Christy Miller series. They are written by Robin Jones Gunn, and I have a link to her site which is located on the sidebar of my blog.

Happy Reading! And if there are any books you enjoy, please share with the rest of us - I'm a huge fan of reading!



  1. Hey Emily,
    I have read the first and second volume of the Christy Miller series and I LOVE them!!!! I was so addicted lol. I hope I can get the third volume and the Sierra Jensen series.
    I Love reading, also. I like the red rock mysteries series, they're good mystery books and I don't even really like mystery books lol.
    The Katie Parker Production series is really good too. These are all christian books btw. All the books by Nancy rue of course and yeah. :)

  2. Hey emily,
    I haven't read the Christy Miller or Sierra Jenson series, but I did see them at a book store a couple weeks ago and I am considering ordering them online. They both look pretty good. By the way, if you do get a chance to read the Red Rock Mysteries they are really good books. Keep up the great work!

  3. Seeing as you both reccommend the Red Rock mysteries, I'm going to check them out! Thanks you guys.

  4. Yeah Red Rock Books are great!


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