~ birthday ~

On the 16th of March, it will be my birthday...

Lots of people look forward to their birthday's...it's a time when your family and friends give their time to share and celebrate with you. A day especially for YOU. Jesus was born one day - and we have a time just for him, as well. As least, that's what Christmas is about, right? Celebrating Jesus' birthday with Him. A day just for HIM. But He decided to share his day with us - so the least we could do would be to share our day...and maybe do something for someone less-priveliged than you. Send the child your family sponsers a present. Or, if your family doesn't sponser anyone, talk to them and maybe you can start sponsering a child...Just remember, WWJD (what would Jesus Do) He share's his day with all of us :)


  1. Happy Birthday!(5 days early !)
    Just so u know your Blog is really cool !
    <3 ..

  2. Hey emily,
    I can't believe that your birthday is in four days! You must be really excited. Well, I just wanted to wish you Happy Birthday and I hope that you have a great first year as a teen! Keep up the good work, emily!!

  3. Hey thx u guys! Your awesome! And yes, I am really excited!


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