Best Friends

Lets talk about our best friends. My best friend is named Ally. We've been best friends for about two years...I'm one year older, but we're about the same height - and we have LOADS in common! We both LOVE reading, we're both Christians, we both come from family's with at LEAST for kids (mine - hers has 6!!). And we both look differrent, but that just makes us more awesome! Tell us about you and your BFFL (best friend for life). Comment now!


  1. Hi Emily. My best friends are Juliana and Sheila. We like to do things together and go to the same church. Sometimes we have fights or arguments but we always work them out. I don't have many other friends because I live in a small town area with no girls my age, but tons of boys my older brother's age. By the way, I have 3 brother and we found out that my mom is going to have another baby boy. :)

    Abbie =D

  2. Hey emily,
    My best friends are named Ariana and Elise. We all go to school together and come from Christian families. We have lots of fun and love to read too. Thanks for the compliment the other day that you sent me. That was really sweet of you to say. You're like the best friend I never knew and so is Abbie. Keep up the great work!
    P.S. Congradulations on your new baby brother coming soon, Abbie. Are you excited? Keep me posted on how she's doing and when she is going to have him.

  3. I have so many best friends, but two of them are Emma (she has the same name as me) and Melissa. Emma is one year younger than me, we were both born in November, we both have blue eyes but she had blond hair and I have brown. Melissa is 12 and she will be 13 in may, she really my pen pal, she lives in alabama and we've never met but Idk we talk on IM alll the time and we call each other and write sometimes. :) BFF's are awesome! :D

  4. Awesome! My BFFL is one year younger than me...but we're really close =) Age really doesn't matter, when it comes to friends!I'd love a pen pal! That would be awesome!

  5. my bffl, but I call them CFF (close friend forever) is Rachael, she's 12 (nearly 13, so my age just about), and Hanna, she's 12, and Hailey she's 11 i i think.
    i love this web emaily, keep posting!


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