an imperfect world

All of us, are living in an imperfect world. We are all sinners- we just can't help ourselves, even though sometimes it's things that aren't really bad.
Earlier this week, I was listening to Demo Lovato's song La La Land, and one of the lines caught my eye...I mean ear! Anyway, the line was 'Everyone is perfect, in unusual ways'. What do you think of that? I think it's a magical lyric, but I still don't quite understand it. What do YOU think of the line? Comment it!

Thanks, emily


  1. I think, no, believe it is totally untrue! No one is perfect, except for one person. And that person, is God. If anyone even thinks they are perfect. They are already not perfect for thinking they were perfect!


  2. Uhh...no! I don't think so! No one is perfect!! Hey, emily... I just found your blog.. I think it's cool!


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