~i never knew~

I've come up with a new weekly post for my blog - called ' I never knew'. Simple as that. I write about something most people probably never knew.

The first ~I never Knew~is about the series Nancy Drew. I'm pretty sure everyone has at least HEARD of that. But here is the thing I never knew - that Carolyn Keene, the name on all the books - is NOT A REAL PERSON !! She is what people call a Pseudonym. I just found that really weird- I mean, I knew that she didn't write all of the Nancy Drew books - or even ANY of them - but I thought that she had at least CREATED the series! But no, the name is completely made up!

I hope you enjoyed the first ~I never Knew~



  1. That's so cool i'll be looking forward to your next
    "I never knew":)

  2. That is really interesting, Emily. Keep up the good work!

  3. wOw cool
    Like it Emily,KEEP IT UP!!!!

  4. Hannah, you only posted that recently -- I'm so lucky I'm going back reading these posts, or I'd never have found it!


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