Story Writing

Lots of us like to write, right? It's a great way to expand our imaginations - I need that, becuase I never was much for those pretend games - so I heavily rely on story writing for my expanding imagination!

What's your favourite writing genre? ( I THINK that's what it's called!)
Is it mystery, romance, adventure, fashion, history, or normal life?

My most recent story was a mystery, which I found quite hard to create - you have to think of the clues, the motives...EVERYTHING. But I guess- well I KNOW - that thinking everything through is DEFINITELY part of being an author!


  1. Hey Emily,
    I just checked out your blog from the comment you sent me and it's so awesome!! By the way, thanks for the comment. But, to answer your question my favorite type of books are mysteries.
    They are fun to read and keep you on the edge till you finish the book. Keep up the good work, Emily.
    P.S. I comment on the Nancy Rue blog sometimes just in case you don't know who I am.

  2. Hi Emily! My favorite kind of story is fiction like the Lily, Sophie, and Lucy books.

    Your friend Abbie! :)

  3. Hey Em
    I like reading both romance, western,and real life but I can ONLY write real life fiction.I have great appreciation for those who can write other genres.

  4. Hey Hannah, I know what you mean -- I can only write real life fiction, though I enjoy writing mysteries as well...


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